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Why is the Nitrogen Cycle Important for Your Aquarium?

Here’s Why the Nitrogen Cycle is Important for the Health and Well-Being of Your Fish! Fish are just like any other living creatures in that they create waste and bacteria. This debris can be harmful to fish. And while other creatures have the luxury of not living in their waste and bacteria, fish do not.…
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The Up-Side to Artificial Coral

How Do Artificial Coral Inserts Benefit You, Your Aquarium, and the Environment?   [caption id="attachment_3814" align="aligncenter" width="675"] Artificial coral is a low-maintenance way to make your aquarium look great![/caption] When constructing an aquarium, there are few easier ways to immediately add dramatic splashes of color and a variety of structures than by adding coral. With…
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How to Start and Maintain a Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Follow These Steps for a Vibrant Saltwater Reef Aquarium! There’s no doubt saltwater aquarium is a stunning piece of living artwork. However, a coral reef makes it even better! After all, it never hurts to add the beauty of one of nature’s most intricate and diverse biomes. Still, a reef aquarium requires a lot of…
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How to Safely Clean Your Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic Aquariums Require a Gentle Touch to Prevent Scratches [caption id="attachment_3738" align="aligncenter" width="675"] A little TLC goes a long way in avoiding scratches that can mar the view in your aquarium.[/caption] There’s a lot to love about owning an acrylic aquarium. For one thing, acrylic is stronger and more flexible than glass, so it doesn’t…
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How Will a UV Sterilizer Benefit My Home Aquarium?

A UV Sterilizer Solves Multiple Problems in Your Aquarium If you own a home aquarium, there may come a time when you must combat various issues like algae, bacterial infections, and other nuisances. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to prevent these problems entirely? Well, you may be in luck—a UV sterilizer…
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Is a Coral Aquarium Right for You?

Discover Everything You Need to Know About a Coral Aquarium Eye-catching coral aquariums are riding a wave of popularity as more people take on the special challenges. A coral aquarium requires more attention—and usually costs more—than a typical freshwater aquarium. The extra effort is worth it for many aquarists, however. Technological improvements and all-in-one setups…
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We’re Moving to Crystal Lake!

Living Art Aquatics has a new home! As of November 1, 2018, Living Art Aquatics will begin transitioning to a brand-new facility in downtown Crystal Lake! Although it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to Cary after 20 wonderful years, we couldn’t be more thrilled about starting this new chapter. Our new location will feature a large showroom,…
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Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Home Aquarium

So, you’re thinking about buying a home aquarium? How exciting! Aquariums make peacefully beautiful additions to most homes and provide hours of enjoyment. But if your aquarist journey has only just begun, there are many things you should consider before taking the final plunge. First and foremost, bear in mind that owning an aquarium is…
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