Mission Statement

Image of a puffer tropical fish by Living Art Aquatics

Living Art Aquatics in Crystal Lake, Illinois is dedicated to creating Artistic Seascapes with custom aquariums for your enjoyment while focusing on the conservation of aquatic life by providing premium fish and corals that will thrive in captivity. We bring your custom aquarium from Idea to Enjoyment.

As one of the most reputable Aquarium Contractors in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, we provide everything from custom design, installation, livestock, and maintenance.

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Our History

Owner, Cory Sligting, began as an avid hobbyist over 30 years ago. He began with an interest in smaller aquariums of freshwater fish and moved on to more intricate and elaborate aquarium systems through the years.

During his hobbyist years, he saw the need for professional aquarium designers and exotic fish caretakers and sellers. He ran into many issues during that time with sick livestock, and inexperienced workers claiming to be professionals in the field. So in 1996, he decided to turn his interest in aquatic systems into a business. He sets a high standard for his services and products and takes great pride in the custom aquariums he delivers.

The Living Art Aquatics, Inc. Team includes service technicians and managers that hold the same high regard for this service. All of them have personal custom aquariums and share their passion that aquarium enthusiasts hold.

What We Offer

Commercial & Residential Custom Design Specialists

Our professionals are experts in designing your unique underwater seascape, no job is too big or small. We specialize in creating artistic and stable support systems, making a healthy and thriving environment with custom design whether its for your business or in your home.


We can install any custom fitted tank, and create any filtration systems to work with the most advanced architectural designs in your home. We offer the latest technologies and advances in Aquarium Installation.

Maintenance Services

We provide full service care to your aquarium and ecosystems with the highest level of professional care. We work hard to get your aquarium looking its best through responsible care and maintenance. We offer on-call 24 hour care and emergency services. Our services ensures your underwater seascape is thriving.

Relocation Services

We offer relocation services if you plan on moving and transporting your aquarium. Our experts handle your ecosystem(s) with extreme care, while providing safe transportation.