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For over 20 years, Living Art Aquatics in Crystal Lake, Illinois has specialized in introducing tranquil and varied underwater life into your surroundings. In fact, we specialize in the construction of Custom Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Filtration Systems and Custom Cabinetry. Our professionals are experts in designing aquariums that go hand-in-hand with your home or office environment. They work closely with you in creating a custom design in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

We also have a complete Maintenance Department. Whether it's a new system we've installed or one you already own, our maintenance team can make sure that your aquarium provides all the pleasure without any of the hassle. All of our technicians are also hobbyists and have a deep understanding and love for the industry. They have been specifically selected for their positions and have undergone extensive training so you can be sure that under our care, your system will thrive and grow.

Additionally, we maintain a large in-house inventory of fresh and saltwater fish and coral available for purchase. All of our livestock goes through a quarantine period after they arrive from our suppliers. This guarantees that they are disease-free and eating so they can be placed in your system without fear of contamination or loss.