Common & Exotic Livestock

Common & Exotic Livestock

The process of designing and engineering your custom living art piece is a big one when considering the complexity of the build process.  But usually when you come to us with a dream aquarium in mind you aren’t thinking so much about the aquarium or filtration system, you are envisioning the life your dream aquarium holds and supports. The first thing to determine is whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater aquariums, as the livestock each supports varies greatly.

Fresh water environments are generally more affordable and in some ways can be considered easier to maintain.  Fresh water aquariums don’t offer the same variety of livestock that can be welcomed into a saltwater aquarium, but we are committed to providing the utmost variety you could find if fresh water is your preference.

We’ve been bringing life to freshwater and saltwater aquariums in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years and there seems to be an unlimited amount of livestock to choose from if a saltwater aquarium is the home you envision.  The variety of colors, sizes, mannerisms and so on is seemingly endless. Although these more exotic species can initially be more costly, when paired with a meticulously designed environment they can work together to create a thriving ecosystem that does a lot in the way of supporting and sustaining itself.

Additionally, we maintain a large in-house inventory of fresh and saltwater fish and coral available for purchase. All of our livestock goes through a quarantine period after they arrive from our suppliers. This guarantees that they are disease-free and eating so they can be placed in your system without fear of contamination or loss.

So, whether you enjoy fresh water or saltwater aquariums, we have the quality livestock to accommodate your needs!

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