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6 Beginner Aquarium Care Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Learn From Others’ Mistakes—Do Aquarium Care The Right Way! There are many ways to do an aquarium right—thousands of species of fish and invertebrates you can include, countless combinations of plants and coral, and endless possibilities for aquarium design. But there are also definitely ways to do an aquarium wrong. When you’re first starting out,…
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A Guide to Proper Aquarium Lighting

What is the right type of aquarium lighting for my tank? [caption id="attachment_2805" align="alignright" width="100"] Click for full size image[/caption] Tis’ the season for stringing lights around our homes but we must not forget the aquarium lighting. The quality of aquatic life is directly related to the quality of the aquarium lighting. Since the sun…
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What Do You Feed Your Freshwater and Saltwater Fish?

Feed Your Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Well This Holiday Season! Thanksgiving approaches, and hosts have started planning their feasts, taking into account the needs and tastes of their guests: loaded mashed potatoes for Dad because they’re his favorite, gluten-free stuffing for your cousin with the allergy, meatless pot roast for your vegetarian sister, etc. But…
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How to Overcome the Challenges of Breeding Tropical Fish

There are many ways to interact with your tropical fish and get enjoyment out of your aquarium—watching them swim around, feeding them, teaching them tricks, etc. But one of the biggest ways to get long-term satisfaction out of your aquarium, and maybe even an income, is breeding tropical fish. But every variety of fish has…
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How Aquarium Care Keeps Fish Disease at Bay

Aquarium care involves a lot of aspects, including tank cleaning, water changes, and more, but what it all comes down to is one thing: the health of your aquarium’s ecosystem. Every maintenance task you do is performed with the end goal of ensuring that the fish in your aquarium stay healthy and active. But, like…
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Is a Freshwater or Saltwater Aquarium Right for Me?

Unless you live near the sea, you’ve almost certainly never seen a shark or a manta ray or a swordfish swimming around near your home, except maybe at an aquarium. And you probably already know the reason: freshwater bodies and saltwater bodies are radically different, and any given type of fish can only survive in…
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Proactive Aquarium Maintenance for Healthier Fish

The waters of the Earth contain an astounding biodiversity, with scientists considering oceans to be some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, rivaled only by rainforests. As a result, the variety of lifeforms there are to be seen in aquariums around the world is staggering—plants, coral, cephalopods, snails, crustaceans, urchins, starfish, and so…
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How Algae Growth Impacts Aquarium Maintenance

It’s an a moment many aquarium hobbyists will never forget—you’ve set up your tank, populated it with all the living things you want, and put in place the equipment you need for proper aquarium maintenance, only to find one morning that your aquarium is under invasion. A mysterious goo is growing through your substrate, or…
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