Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry

At Living Art Aquatics, we don’t just stop at designing and crafting your ideal aquarium systems and living aquatic environment. We can to help you complete your dream with the perfect custom cabinetry to house your tank and discreetly hide your custom designed filtration “life support” system, all while complementing your home or business space.

There are a lot of key factors that go into executing a design that works well with both your aquarium and the space it brings life to. By having your aquarium system and cabinetry designed together, you are guaranteed that they will partner seamlessly to leave you beyond satisfied with your final installation.

Here are some key factors that we will work through with you and provide options to consider in designing your perfect Living Art piece:

  • What is the décor/style/color scheme of the space your tank will reside in and how would you like the two to complement each other?
  • Would you like to use a specific wood or other material, paint job, or finish?
  • Do you want the piece to function as added storage beyond housing the aquarium?

The cabinetry that houses a custom designed Living Art aquarium system can be a huge factor in completing your dream.  We bring Idea to Enjoyment!

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