9 Aquarium Health Benefits That Help Improve Your Daily Life

Aquariums Can Help You Lead a Healthier, Happier Life!

We all strive toward a healthier lifestyle. But being healthy requires more than just eating right and exercising. It includes everything from physical to mental to emotional health. What if there was a way to help all these aspects at once? And what if it was as simple as owning an aquarium?

A statue sits inside an aquarium surrounded by plants and rocks

There are plenty of aquarium health benefits both for you and those around you. Public aquariums have been around in waiting rooms and offices for decades. But even having a fish tank of your own can offer you incredible health benefits!

When it comes to your well-being, you want to do everything you can to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Aquariums offer those health benefits. Everything from your mood to your stress levels to your memory can be improved with an aquarium.

Keep reading to find out exactly how an aquarium can benefit your health!

1.   Aquariums Reduce Stress

Researchers published a study in Environment and Behavior detailing how aquariums reduce stress. Even as little as five minutes spent observing an aquarium can result in fewer agitated tendencies. The vibrant colors and hypnotic atmosphere provide a calming sensation for the viewer.

“Aquarium Therapy” is the treatment of reducing stress through the visual stimulant aquariums and fish provide. Patients and family members find a calming atmosphere when there is an exotic fish tank placed in waiting rooms.

2.   Aquariums Reduce Anxiety

Furthermore, aquariums have been shown to reduce anxiety. In that same study, researchers found that patients about to undergo dental surgery had lower anxiety levels after contemplating an aquarium.

The aquarium offers an outlet to people that allows them to “get lost” in the surroundings. Losing yourself in an aquarium helps take your mind off things that could be bothering you. Furthermore, this meditative state gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate your anxious thoughts.

This is also part of “Aquarium Therapy” and aids people looking to lower their anxiety levels.

3.   Aquariums Improve Sleep Patterns

Because an aquarium advantage is lower stress and anxiety, you will also begin to experience better sleep patterns. The calming nature of the aquarium helps relax you. It then makes it easier to fall asleep at night.

The sound of the filter system can also act as “white noise.” This is the same effect as the sound of rain, which can help people sleep.

An image showing a bird’s eye view of coral and plants inside an aquarium

Even an aquarium without fish in it can have significant health benefits.

4.   Aquariums Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Remember that study from Environment and Behavior? Well, it dives deeper into Aquarium Therapy. The results suggest that spending time observing the natural habitat of underwater creatures can lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Having a higher volume of exotic fish, along with longer viewing times, has proven to help reduce your blood pressure and heart rate.

The study found that viewing an aquarium can reduce your heart rate by up to 7% on average. If you just view an empty aquarium with just plants or rocks, it will decrease up to 3% over time. The average increases to 7% when exotic fish are added to the aquarium.

5.   Aquariums Help with Hyperactive Children

The reduction in stress and anxiety can help children who might be more on the active side of things. Lowering their stress and anxiety levels helps children focus. This focus can turn into a multitude of positive outcomes. It directs energy into something positive.

Furthermore, like with adults, the aquarium helps with sleep patterns. A good night of rest can help with how children react to the day.

An aquarium can also help children learn responsibility. As children care of the aquarium, it gives them an outlet for energy and provides a direction for it.

6.   Aquariums Increase Productivity

Aquariums also help increase productivity levels. Lower stress, anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure fuel more productive days. When you don’t feel stressed out, you are more likely to do more activities. The same goes for lower blood pressure and heart rate. It can help you get more active.

Owning an aquarium also gives you a daily task to accomplish. It can be caring and feeding the fish or cleaning the tank. Either way, this daily task sets you on the right road to completing more throughout the day. In this way, taking care of your aquarium and fish can snowball into more productive activities.

An image showing an aquarium in a waiting room with a red chair next to it.

Aquariums can increase your productivity level by giving you something to do.

7.   Aquariums Promote Learning

One of the benefits of public aquariums is that it encourages learning. National aquariums and museums often use marine ecosystems as a learning tool. However, personal aquariums can have the same effect.

Aquariums often prompt curiosity about fish in both children and adults. Questions such as, “What kind of fish get along best?” and “What do fish eat?” push us to find answers. And learning more about the delicate marine ecosystem is always a good thing!

8.   Aquariums Aid Alzheimer’s Patients

A study from Purdue University researchers discovered that aquarium health benefits Alzheimer’s patients. Researchers found after studying 60 Alzheimer’s patients that those exposed to seascapes were much more alert, relaxed, and had much healthier eating habits than other patients. It was also found that by placing an aquarium in a nursing home, it could reduce healthcare costs by lowering the need for medications and supplements.

There is also evidence that viewing an aquarium can help your short-term memory over time. This is because the aquarium provides something to focus on and think about. In this way, it can help boost your memory functions.

An image showing an aquarium inside the wall of an assisted living area.

Using an aquarium to look at fish and plants can help with short-term memory problems.

9.   Aquariums Provide Companionship

People want to be around other living creatures. In the Environment and Behavior study, the researchers concluded that, throughout different studies, people find natural environments more restorative than urban or artificial settings. That means humans are programmed to respond in a positive way to natural environments that “support success and survival.”

You want to have something to look after and take care of because you are invested in its survival and success. Having a companion in the form of fish helps fill that need.

Furthermore, you can use the fish as a sounding board for emotional or mental problems that are bothering you. Allowing yourself to talk to the fish offers an outlet for you to express your problems in a judgment-free area.

Aquariums are also terrific for those who live in apartments or by themselves. While not all complexes allow dogs or cats, most do allow fish. They are a great fixture to keep yourself company.

How Can We Help with Your Aquarium?

Aquariums have proven to be a major health benefit time and time again. They are perfect for nursing homes and waiting rooms of both patients and distraught family members, not to mention preschools and classrooms full of hyperactive children.

Here at Living Art Aquatics, we have made it our mission to design all types of beautiful and striking aqua seascapes for any and every situation. We custom build all our aquariums to fit your individual needs and style. We love to talk fish and talk aquariums, so stop on by Living Art Aquatics in Crystal Lake, IL. Our staff is always happy to discuss what kind of aquarium suits your needs best!

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in May 2016 and was updated in January 2020.

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