Aquarium Filtration Systems

Aquarium Filtration Systems

The most beautiful aquarium in the world simply wouldn’t stay beautiful for long without a proper high quality aquarium filtration system. In order to achieve and maintain a healthy, clean, and thriving environment within your aquarium, proper filtration is absolutely crucial to consider.

What makes having a custom aquarium in your home or business so special is the living, breathing beauty behind the glass (or acrylic).  Within an environment like this, all aspects are working together to keep the marine life healthy. Think of an aquarium's filtration system as the respiratory and/or circulatory system of the living environment. The health of the marine life must be supported by a thought-out, detailed aquarium design, complete with the proper filtration system crafted and engineered specifically for your tank. There is no one-size-fits-all in this department. We will consider everything from shape and size, to the environment, to the sort of life you want to sustain in your aquarium. The size and engineering components of your filtration system are based on the complexity of your individual application.

From the most basic to the most complex filtration systems, Living Art Aquatics is committed to working with you and your vision. We'll design, engineer, and precisely install a system of only the highest standard, to support your Living Art for years to come. Twenty years' worth of experience and knowledge building aquariums in the Chicagoland Area equals only the safest and most healthy environment for your aquatic friends.

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