Complete Guide to Commercial Aquariums

Thinking About a Commercial Aquarium for Your Business?

Aquariums makes make wonderful additions to any professional space. Whether it be for a medical office, hotel lobby, or restaurant—any business can benefit from the serene beauty of a custom-made commercial aquarium. If you’ve considered purchasing one of our renowned artistic seascapes for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Below we explore the numerous benefits of commercial aquariums along with what to expect from routine maintenance.

Picture of a commercial aquarium in a restaurant.

Commercial aquariums make beautiful additions to professional spaces.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Aquariums?

Custom-made aquariums bring new life to otherwise dull professional settings. They dazzle customers with their hypnotic beauty and can leave people feeling rejuvenated and calm. But apart from their aesthetic appeal, they also have numerous other benefits that businesses can take advantage of.

Aquariums Reduce Stress Levels

Simply the thought of an aquarium can have a soothing effect on a person. Fish tanks bring a sense of calm serenity that can substantially reduce stress levels. Their ability to defuse tension makes them especially great additions to medical offices, where patients often come in feeling anxious. But they are equally beneficial in other high-stress environments like office spaces. In fact, fish tanks can improve the morale and overall health of employees.

Improve Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Similarly, aquariums can have a positive impact on blood pressure and heart rate. In fact, studies have shown that people can slow down their heart rate by simply watching fish swim. The meditative quality of fish tanks can lull people into a trance-like state that helps to relax and refresh them.

Therapeutic for Alzheimer’s Patients

Being exposed to aquariums with brightly colored fish has helped Alzheimer’s patients settle into regular eating habits. Additionally, fish tanks have been shown to improve their mood and minimize disruptive behavior. Furthermore, patients have also demonstrated better short-term memory. For these reasons, commercial aquariums are fantastic for assisted living homes and hospice care facilities.

Increased Productivity at Work.

Executives will be pleased to know that having a commercial aquarium in the office can increase employee productivity. By reducing blood pressure and lowering stress levels, fish tanks can help employees focus. Furthermore, the serene beauty of an aquarium can stimulate creativity and renew motivation.

Picture of a commercial aquarium in a doctor's office.

Aquariums are often found in doctor's offices to help patients relax.

How Will an Aquarium Fit into Your Space?

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when considering a commercial aquarium is deciding where it should go. The ideal location for your tank will depend on several factors. For example, light sources need to be taken into consideration. Some aquariums require more natural light than others, so you must be conscientious of where you situate your tank. Likewise, you’ll need to make sure that your aquarium will be in a temperature-controlled environment.

But you also want to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about how the placement will impact the feeling they get when they step into your business. You want your aquarium to flow nicely with the rest of the space. In other words, you want to make sure it looks like it belongs there. There are numerous ways you can play around with your aquarium to make sure you find the best placement possible.

Make Your Tank the Center of Attention

If you’re looking to make a big statement with your aquarium, then you might consider placing it prominently on display. One way to do this is to situate your tank proudly in the center of the room. This choice lends itself especially well to cylindrical aquariums that can be viewed from all angles. This bold approach is perfect for restaurants and hotels.

Make Your Tank an Accent Feature

Alternatively, you can go with a subtler approach. Aquariums built unobtrusively into the walls of waiting areas and lobbies are perfect for getting all the benefits of a fish tank without sacrificing space. Or, you might use the aquarium as a divider to strategically create different sections in your space without completely closing them off. This method is perfect for restaurant seating and other spatial manipulations.

Picture of a commercial aquarium in an assisted living home.

Studies have shown aquariums to be therapeutic for those suffering with Alzheimer's.

What Material Will My Aquarium be Made From?

Traditionally, there are two materials aquariums can be made from: acrylic or glass. Each come with their own set of pros and cons. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide which material is best suited to your needs.

Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic is a strong but soft material. So, while it is resistant to shattering, it can be highly susceptible to scratches. Even with the most careful professionals performing maintenance, fish upsetting the sand can cause minute damage to clear, acrylic panes. While small scratches can easily be buffed out, many businesses tend to avoid the hassle by choosing a glass aquarium.

 Glass Aquariums

Glass is a cheaper alternative to acrylic that is heavier and more shatter-prone. If your aquarium is likely to be in a location with lots of movement and activity, it may not be wise to go with this material. Additionally, it doesn’t hold heat as well as acrylic, and glass tends to give a slightly distorted view of the fish within.

Are There any Differences Between Commercial and Residential aquariums?

The types of aquariums built for residential use can just as easily work in commercial settings. Your only limitations are the available space and your budget.  Otherwise, the possibilities are boundless! In fact, maintenance is the only real difference between commercial and home aquariums.

What Kind of Maintenance Do Commercial Aquariums Need?

The beauty of commercial aquariums is that they are completely hands-free for the business. With home aquariums, the owners are typically more involved in the feeding and cleaning of their tank. Owners of commercial aquariums, however, are free from the tedium of such chores. This hassle-free luxury is because businesses like Living Art Aquatics, who handle the tank’s installation, also manage routine maintenance.

At Living Art Aquatics, we set clients up with automatic feeders and conduct weekly (sometimes more, sometimes less) maintenance visits. These visits ensure that tanks always look pristine and in perfect condition. Meanwhile, owners of commercial aquariums don’t have to lift a finger to manage their tanks. They can just sit back, relax, and enjoy their gorgeous aquariums!

Picture of a commercial aquarium in a dentist office lobby.

Well-trained technicians regularly service commercial aquariums.

What Should You Expect from Your Commercial Aquarium Services?

Here at Living Art Aquatics, we deliver the highest quality service with an unparalleled professionalism that ensures your tank always looks perfect.  Unlike many other aquarium maintenance companies, we fully insure our team of highly skilled technicians.  Dressed in clean, embroidered uniforms, we show up to perform our jobs with unrivaled attention to detail and a passion for giving you the best aquarium experience possible.

Often, commercial aquariums require weekly maintenance that we are happy to perform. Depending on your aquarium, however, it might require more frequent visits. These are details that we discuss during our initial consultation and planning. We always communicate honestly about everything involved in the maintenance and care of your tank.

Commercial aquariums offer many benefits to companies. From their relaxing presence to their striking beauty, they make the center pieces or accents to any space. We'd be happy to help you construct the perfect tank for your business.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and reap the all the amazing benefits of commercial aquariums, give us a call at 847-737-5151 today for services in Crystal Lake, Chicago and everywhere in between!