Creating Living Art with a Custom Aquarium

Use Your Custom Aquarium to Create Art

Think outside the tank for a moment.

Are you a fish lover and tired of the standard tank sitting in the middle of your living room? Maybe you just want to spice up your living space a bit and just can’t bear the thought having to of find a new home for your gulled buddies.

With custom aquariums, you can turn your plain old aquarium system into a brand new beautiful addition to any room in your home, without taking up much space.

For a comprehensive guide to designing your own custom tank, click here.

Creating Living Art with Custom Aquarium Infographic

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Here are 7 creative and useful places to put a custom aquarium that will hide your filtration system, all while adding a touch of art to your home or business space:

  • A Room Divider – Perfectly placed in a custom designed room divider to be seen from both ends.
  • A Coffee Table- Since you will already need one it makes for a very functional and exotic addition to your living room.
  • A Kitchen Island- Use as a base to your kitchen island and have some company in the kitchen without losing cooking space.
  • Custom Cabinetry- Tucked into a cabinetry area or shelving unit on a wall. This makes for great functional wall art.
  • Above your Bed- Keep your gulled friends close while you dream and have a custom aquarium headboard.
  • Inside Other Furniture- Customize furniture that you already own or have it built new such as a large style grandfather clock, or even above a piano.
  • Along an indoor balcony- Turn your entire indoor balcony into a long custom aquarium.

You will no longer need to worry about finding a piece of furniture that will fit the size and style of your aquarium. You can rest easy knowing that the same team who builds the custom aquarium will design seamless fitting furniture to match. Take a look at some of our custom projects to see our "Living Art".

Call Living Art Aquatics, the creators of artistic seascapes, today to find out how to design the interior of any room in your home, in Chicago or surrounding suburbs, with our custom aquariums.

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