5 Exceptional Ways We Care for Our Tropical Fish

We Go Above and Beyond to Care for our Tropical Fish and Coral

Tropical fish swimming in a custom aquarium

At Living Art Aquatics, we enjoy crafting beautiful aquatic seascapes for our customers. Of course, aquariums are nothing without the vibrant creatures that call them home. For this reason, we offer consumers a wide variety of tropical fish and coral.

But, of course, you can find a vast assortment of gorgeous fish in any old pet store. What sets us apart from those retail shops is how thoroughly we nurture our livestock.

Whereas many pet stores don’t understand or care about tropical fish care, our goal is to make our fish and coral as healthy and vivacious as possible.

Here are five ways we care for our sea creatures better than any pet store you’ll find.

1. We quarantine new arrivals.

We understand the importance of being careful when new livestock arrives. You never know what diseases or parasites those tropical fish could be carrying or if they will be fit for aquarium life. For this reason, we quarantine all new arrivals for at least two weeks before even thinking about selling them.

Many pet stores don’t have the patience for a two-week quarantine. Instead of waiting to make sure their fish are fit, they’ll try to sell them as quickly as possible. Not only is this dangerous because it puts the health of their fish at risk, but it also decreases the quality of the product they provide to their customers. We could never do something so inhumane and indecent.

2. We only sell species that can thrive in captivity.

We have studied marine life long enough to know that not all fish should be confined. The fact is some creatures have needs no aquarist can satisfy. We would never try to sell you those fish just to make a few bucks.

When you buy from Living Art, you can rest assured that all our tropical fish and coral are well equipped to survive in an aquarium. Other places may not care what they sell you, but we’ve done our research and will only sell you the right critters.

3. We feed our tropical fish right.

It’s a sad truth, but some pet stores don’t care what they feed their fish. Since they are only out to make a profit, they feed their fish the bare minimum to keep them alive. What an awful way to treat living beings!

We, on the other hand, feed our fish to thrive! Using supplements, we provide each tropical fish with a sufficiently nutritious diet. And when you purchase a fish from us, we will show you how to give it the nourishment it deserves.

4. We ensure our fish get a good home.

Another thing most pet shops are ambivalent about is where their fish wind up. Many stores don’t check that their customers have the right aquarium for the fish they’re purchasing. The results are predictably disastrous.

At Living Art, on the other hand, we always ensure each of our tropical fish and coral is going to a good home. In the past, we have said no to potential buyers because they do not own the right type of system or environment for the fish to thrive. That’s how much we care about where our fish end up.

5. We give you the knowledge you need.

For us, making a sale is like losing a friend. We’re sad to see our pal go, but we couldn’t bear to hear of it dying due to improper care. So, if you buy from us, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about caring for our scaly comrades!

All in all, we are first and foremost conservationists. Not only are our custom aquariums beautiful, but they are also meant to be a sanctuary for precious creatures. And we want that sanctuary to last a long time!

Do you have questions about how to properly care for your tropical fish? We’d love to answer them for you. Give us a call at (847) 737-5151 today!

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